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Automotive Industry in the GCC

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:المؤلف : GOIC

نشرت في: Jun-2010

لغة الوثيقة: English

نوع الوثيقة: الدراسات الصناعية

الدولة: GCC

فئة : دراسات متعددة العملاء


السعر (دراسة كاملة ) : QAR 5000.00

السعر ( ملخص ) : NA

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GCC is one of the biggest region with strong demand of automotives. There is no manufacturing units in the GCC either of cars or even major components and spares production facilities. With rising standard of living and population growth, the demand is growing at rapid pace. Under this backdrop GOIC has conducted study of the automotive sector with a view of identifying opportunities for investment in this sector. The study includes:
 Technology and global market trend and outlook
 Demand driving in GCC
 Current situation in GCC
 Demand assessment
 Identifying of potential projects in GCC

مقتطفات من الكتاب:

Based on the demand study and analysis of the current situation prevailing in GCC states a number of projects have been identified including automotive assembly and manufacturing establishments for parts, components and accessories to support the industrial growth of this sector.